Food & Drinks Yangon

Random order :p:

50th Street – located somewhere between 50th and 49th Street (better enter from Merchant Street might be faster); the bar & restaurant seems a bit of a Irish or Australia inspiration, sitting area, bar area with tall chairs, TVs playing a ruby match with New Zealand starting with the usual hakka; food is diverse from pies to pizzas and pastas and some local food selection also; great cold beer; a little spicy the prices compared to other spots but worth a trip; great WI FI.

19th Street Kosan; located in the bustling China Town where at night streets are crazy crowded with locals and some tourists enjoying food at the plenty of street food stalls; the beer is 640 ml – big Asian style ones; haven’t tried the food as the plate with fries was to dirty to touch however seen tourists also eating at this place so must be good; the place is small with a few tables for the bar part an there seems to be their place also on the left and right side of the bar with eating areas; no WI FI.


999 Shan Noodle Soup – you will find this place on 34th Street at the end near the Yangon City Hall; the place has soimg_20160918_122523_editme tables downstairs and tables at the first floor; food is great; must try the noodle soup; sticks and tablespoon you will find in the wooden box sitting around on the table; ah yes and if you are a tea lover there is a hot metallic pot on the table just waiting for you to try; no WI FI.

Bar Boon – in front of FMI C        enter at the end of 3o something street; this coffee places that also serves food seems like a great retreat for tourists; coffee is amazing; terrace with tables in front and also some tables inside; WI FI available though low quality.


The Black Hat – near Sule Pagoda in Sule Plaza there is this bar & restaurant which is graciously called the Black Hat and where waiters and waitresses wear of course a black hat; the places is decorated in a combined style with Greek style columns, bar with tall stalls and those type of eating tables with sofas on all four sides to remind one of the American buffet style; ah and there is even a piano; the food is great, we had lentil soup, pork ribs and our Asian favourite spring rolls; the walls are decorated with movie stars and singers from the 60s / 70s and Elvis is a star; the piano man and his band start at 8 so plan accordingly.


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