Tips & Tricks Inle Lake

Tips & Tricks Inle Lake

  • for the boat ride make sure you use sunscreen lotion; take a sweater because it can be cold during some parts of the trip due to the speed boat and the wind; use a cap or a hat to protect from the sun or if you ae not a fan of either just use the umbrella that you can usually find on the boat for protection from the sun;
  • expect a diverse weather on the boat ride; during the same day it can be sunny, rainy and cloudy; raincoats and umbrellas should be available on the boat (just ask when you board);
  • boats on Inle Lake are not particularly big; they fit around 4 – 5 foreigners sitting on chairs and the boat driver; careful when stepping in and out of the boat so you don’t fall;
  • there are at least 2 Agoda Bank ATMs; an ATM easy to find is the one in front of Cherry Queen Hotel which one step away from the street going passed the area for boarding the boats;
  • no need to buy the products in the pottery, weaving or cigarettes shops; places on Inle Lake have a tip box for the ladies showing you different processes so if you want just drop a tip in the tip box.

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