About us

My name is Irina and I’m a travel addict :p. Traveling is part of me, it made me know myself better, be opened to new and incredible experiences, appreciate who I am, discover more, experiment more, embrace differences and understand that all you need to be happy is an open heart and that sometimes even the smallest details like riding a motorcycle without a helmet on a bridge in India, wandering on the streets of Prague or siting on the floor of a Hindu temple in Indonesia can make you the happiest human on Earth…if you are open to accept it.

Are you happy?” was born on a hot autumn day while traveling through magic India and tells the story of my travels around the world and those of my incredible travel companion, the adventurous and forever zen Gabriela.  It’s a page created with passion and dreams with the main purpose of making people around open their eyes and embrace that happiness that comes from the small things and understand that the most important thing is to try and be happy even if for just a second or for a lifetime.

Thank you for following us and looking forrward to meeting you guys on the road :p.

6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hello Irina,
    This is ilashree from Mumbai, India. Just received your lovely postcard. I don’t know how to contact you, guess you missed writing your postcrossing ID. Kindly ping me your postcrossing ID on ilashree.peacepal@gmail.com. Would love to see you when you are here in November.
    Much Love. And thanks for such a wonderful card. Really adore it.


    • Hi Ilashree! Happy you got my postcard :D. I must have missed the ID – RO-103035 sorry :). Would love to catch up in November just drop me a message on Facebook to add you 🙂


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