Tips&Tricks water rafting Bali

Below are some tips from our own experience water rafting on Ayung River.  Feel free to jump in and add any advice to the below :p:

  • we paid around 35 USD per person for the ride (possible to find even lower prices); this price included a person picking us up from the hotel and back, the boat ride and something to eat after the boat ride; beer is available for buying during the boat ride at a stop on the way and at the end of the boat ride;
  • you can take a shower at the end of the boat ride; they give you a towel or you can bring your own;
  • wear a bathing suit and some comfortable clothes like short pants and a t-shirt; you will get wet, very wet;
  • flip flops are a good choice; in the boat you will be barefoot and your shoes (or flip flops :p) will go into the bag of the boat leader;
  • phones, cameras, money – take as less as possible; whatever you carry will go into the waterproof bag of the boat leader; you can’t keep it with you in the boat since you will get wet – yeah we said that before :);
  • we took pictures and filmed with a GoPro camera;
  • listen carefully to the instructions of the boat leader/guide and do as he says during your trip if you want to have a safe ride;
  • go with the flow, be carried away, enjoy the ride!

Train Delivery

Well I will admit I do love trains and train stations and the noise trains make on their way to so many destinations for so many travelers. I don’t particularly enjoy the open space trains with all the noise, screaming and eating sandwiches that tend to smell but what would a train journey be without the usual crowd.

But let’s get back to the story of this post. This weekend Bucharest hosted a newly born event Train Delivery ( from the creators of Street Delivery (an 8 years old event that brings the fun on the streets in Bucharest every June) and the Romanian Railways. The main purpose – bringing back the importance and glamour of the North Railway station in Bucharest.
Once you get to North Railway station you are greeted by a panel with the number of the 14 platform. For all the fans of Harry Potter out there I am sure that all of you will think what I thought in the first second of seeing the 14/8. I could almost here the words “All aboard the Hogwarts Express” and I instantly imagined Harry Potter running with his belongings on the secret platform 9 and 3/4 and looked around to see whether I can spot the curly, redheaded and serious Hermione Granger.

Once you enter the magic land you are suddenly surrounded by architecture plans, bikes, music, graffiti and all you can imagine and would not expect to see on a train platform. An old train not use is parked in the train station for the delight of the painters and that of the visitors. Ready to take a tour around?All aboard travelers…..the train where everything is not prohibited is all about to leave for any destination.
All you have to do is close your eyes and dream whether you dream in the past and remember your train travel days, the goodbyes waived on platforms, the smiles and hugs waiting for you upon your arrival, the promised letters and stolen kisses or whether you dream in the future to that Euro rail trip you’ve always planned or that trip to the seaside your about to take with your friends this summer…is all allowed and encouraged. 

Anything is allowed 
from sitting on the platform edge…

to dancing on the railways…

running on the train’s hallways…

painting the walls…

hanging on the outside stairs, dancingsinginggossiping with your friends, drinking a beer or a lemonade, eating pancakes

taking pictures, even sneak peaking in some confessions at the boot of SUB 25

and if all this is not your piece of cake you can always just sit down and just enjoy the music and the rumor all around or you can watch the movies that are playing, join the open discussions in the waiting lounge or just take a chance and visit the Railway museum it might actually surprise you.

All in all it was a great experience, we loved it, kids loved it, even the railways loved it so hope to make a tradition of this one also.

Train Delivery ends today and until next year travelers take that train journey you always wanted and if not at least dream a bit of playing with the crazy wizards on a trip to the land of magic :p.